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What is Archway Station?

Archway Station, Inc. is a private nonprofit corporation that provides psychiatric rehabilitation programs and services in Allegany and Garrett Counties in Maryland.  

Person-Centered Planning Philosophy

Archway believes in and uses the philosophy and approaches of person-centered planning. One critical way to show respect for each person’s individuality is through the use of person-centered planning which focuses on first, understanding the person and then, helping the person use effective decision-making skills to guide their journey of recovery.

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Mission Statement

Archway Station’s mission is to provide psychiatric rehabilitation services to adults recovering from serious mental illness and services to adults with developmental disabilities. Archway also serves children overcoming serious emotional and/or behavioral problems. The foundation of services is our belief that the children and adults using services are first and foremost people. The success of our service rests on the honoring and celebration of our shared humanity.

When a person’s illness or disability impacts functioning at home, work, school, or socially, Archway provides skills, supports, and resource acquisition to enable the person to be successful and satisfied. The best services are those that are accessed quickly; address health and safety; build upon a person’s strengths; and target specific barriers.

Supports can be phased-out or reduced based on a person’s movement toward independence. It is important to remember that Archway services are only a bridge for people to use to get where they’re going.

Archway works to enhance the interconnected health of the mind, body, and spirit. This includes the people providing the services and the community as a whole. Archway works to address the related issues of substance abuse, discrimination/stigma, violence, and poverty.

Services Offered

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