Community-Based Support Services

How Can We Help?

Each person receiving services will work with their human service worker to create an individual plan with goals tailored to their needs. Some common goals include learning how to:

  • Monitor your medications
  • Independently manage your home
  • Independently manage your finances
  • Integrate into the community

To be eligible for Community-Based Support Services you must:

  1. Be referred by a Clinician
  2. Be receiving mental health services & have a qualifying diagnosis
  3. Currently reside in Allegany County
  4. Be available for a visit with your human service worker 6 times a month
Supported Housing Success Story

Success Story

“Archway has helped bring back the beauty of life to me. I notice everything now; I enjoy the rain, the dew, the sunshine, the moon and even the cold air whipping around me. It is a joyous gift that I feel like myself again.”

“My heart is rejoicing now, and I am smiling again thanks to the help Archway has given me.”


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